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They are the world’s leading and most awarded travel brand, dedicated to bringing to life the unique moments that inspire you to leave with your own stories to tell.

From carefully-crafted trips and exclusive Be My Guest experiences to a tribe of passionate Travel Directors and Local Specialists, they enable you to discover the rich diversity of the world so you’re free to just be; be happy, be inspired, be in the moment, and live your very own ‘pinch me’ moments across all seven continents of the world.


The original homepage was static not allowing the content to be reordered and was a very traditional way of working with a CMS. We replaced the homepage with a new suite of controls from a toolkit. This allowed the homepage to be personalised, reordered and generally changed however the content editors wanted to. We provided a single version of this for the UK market and the content team took this and made the other regions versions. This new modern looking homepage resulted in:

  • Views of the home pages increased by 12.7%
  • Average time on page increased by 7.3%
  • Newsletter sign ups from the homepage increased by 14.9%
  • Brochure views increased by 67.6%
  • Request a quote increased by 31.4%


Impact on SEO

Trip Data Structure

When Sagittarius inherited the Trafalgar website one of the first jobs was to change the way the website handled Trip pages. Due to the existing page/data structure, every year when the new seasons trip information was rolled out all the trip pages would be wiped from existence due to using different URL structures. We combined to together the Heading product and its Season specific product into a single page with a standard URL. By default, this would display the current years trip information if the user moved the calendar into the future then it would update the page automatically to display the information for a different season as needed. This had a massive SEO impact as the trips always had the same URL and performed much better, it also simplified the journey significantly for an end user. 

Trip Page Header

The website had amazing stock photography which we felt could be used to make the website feel much more modern. A new header was put together to make it easy at a glance for the user to see how long the holiday was, the number of countries and cities they would experience. Adding additional calls to action, purchase, brochure request, newsletter signup.

  • Trip pages’ average bounce rate improved by 23.8%
  • Average time on page increased by 7.3%
  • Brochure views increased by 67.6%
  • Request a quote increased by 31.4%

Trip Static Navigation

New static navigation was put together that followed the user down what could be quite a long and involved page. This made it easy to navigate between the sections on the page allowing the user to find the information they wanted. This navigation also made it easy to buy which wasn't so easy in the previous version of the page. Obviously all of this also worked on the mobile version of the website. 

Dates and Prices Calendar

In the original system, the user was presented with a massive list of dates to choose from, this was improved by putting the information into an easy to use calendar form. The calendar would automatically show the various discounts on different dates. Which in some cases could be multiple discounts for different reasons. Clicking on the date shows all the information for the given date on the right-hand side. We added in a Was/Now/Save style discount area, made it more user-friendly and less cluttered by putting key information in modal popup windows. Most importantly it made the call to actions obvious, buy or call us if the holiday isn't available online for some reason.

Trip Overview

We combined together with the most important headline level information into a single location on the page. Making it easy for prospective customers to determine if the trip was right for them.


Again by leveraging the photography against the locations for the trips we could build a really nice image bar for each trip day. These locations were given Latitude/Longitudes to allow Google Maps integration to join them together. Clicking on each day would highlight the location on the map and show the details for that day (or group of days) on the left-hand side. Overall this system works really well and is visually appealing, the downsides are the reliance on the data and Google Maps. Google maps are highly intelligent, for example, the client asked us why the map didn't work in New Zealand. As it turned out the main road join north and south New Zealand was closed due to a rock collapse. Google Maps was intelligent enough to know that road no longer took traffic. Which meant that the map was showing a route taking a ferry from north to south New Zealand. Other examples are usually due to data causing the map to think the shortest route is by taking a user out to sea or to a different country and back. Despite these issues, I think this is a great example of using existing data to provide a new enjoyable way of presenting data to the customers.


The data for this was coming through as individual fields with lists of values which wasn't very appealing to an end user. We break these up into separate sections on the website, then styled them as you can see in the screenshot. Making the information much more useful to a perspective customer. 


Reviews have a huge impact on the potential purchase of a product, the website already had an integration with Feefo. We went through several upgrades to improve how this information is surfaced to the end user. Any third party integration has a performance impact so we did a fair few changes to ensure this information is done in a way that didn't impact the performance of the website.


The social section of the website currently aggregates the information for a given hashtag. At the moment most if not all are using #simplytrafalgar, this wasn't the original vision. Our wish was that the Simply Trafalgar was a fallback and each individual trip would have its own hashtag so that this section would be populated with social media information and pictures for a given trip. Both making the end users part of the story and there information appearing on the website, but also providing a much richer and wider social media engagement. Unfortunately, this has never come to pass which is a shame as I still feel this would have had a significant impact.

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