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The Race of Champions is an international motorsport event held at the end/start of each year, featuring some of the world's best racing and rally drivers. It is the only competition in the world where stars from Formula One, World Rally Championship, IndyCar, NASCAR, sportscars and touring cars compete against each other, going head-to-head in identical cars.

The race was first organised in 1988 by former rally driver Michèle Mouton and Fredrik Johnsson, IMP (International Media Productions) President. Originally the event was a competition between the world's best rally drivers, but has since expanded to include top competitors from most of the world's premier motorsport disciplines, including motorcycle racing.

The top individual overall in The Race Of Champions is given the title "Champion of Champions", and receives the Henri Toivonen Memorial trophy. The ROC Nations' Cup was added in 1999 and now features teams of two drivers who compete for their country.

How do you sum up working on the website and infrastructure for global motorsports event? You can talk about the stats and the incredible software that was developed 

But for me the thing I remember from my first Race Of Champions event? The awe of so many people coming together to make it happen. Watching a vast number of teams putting in huge hours building tracks, setting up audio and video, photographers, marketing, social, timekeeping and the odd web developer ;-) 

If ever the line "Creation is an act of sheer will" is more evident it is the living breathing beast that is Race Of Champions. Your there managing the servers, ensuring that the data is correct for the event and a brass band marches past you. Importing practice data and Vettel and Schumacher decide the track isn't doing it for them so start rearranging it! It is both extremely real and surreal at the same time.


I could talk to you about the scalable server architecture and the effort that goes into setting it up. That in the space of one minute the website has 10 times more traffic than the minute before. We could talk about the custom software that was envisioned by Paul and I built, which manages the schedule for the event. But ultimately you cannot imagine what it is to be a developer on something like this unless you have lived it for yourself.

So when you watch the videos, view the images and watch it live. Give a thought the whole host of people that make it happen because they gave their all to bring you an amazing show.


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