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Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership was formed in July 2002 and is committed to influencing, educating and encouraging motorists to slow down, stay within the speed limit and help reduce the number of crashes and casualties through the combination of education, publicity and enforcement.

We are part of the wider road safety casualty reduction group and work with road safety education and engineering teams and with roads policing officers to identify the most appropriate solutions for casualty reduction.

Overall, crashes and casualties have seen a reduction across the county. To view the casualty reduction at sites where cameras are located click here.  The Partnership reviews the camera locations regularly to ensure that each location is fit for purpose.


The website is built on the original website system developed in-house by Sagittarius. It provided pages, news, events, products among other things off the shelf. The KMSCP website used this functionality to provide the website you see today. One of the most unique pieces of functionality was the Google Maps integration.


This reads from an XML file to import the list of locations, iconography, and details that appear in the popup window for each location. Because it's an XML file this makes it easier to add additional locations or remove them. 

Animated Header

The original version of the website had a Flash header. People would walk up and down the sidewalk. With cars driving down the street, every now and again the speed camera would flash. It would read from a weather web service and adjust the weather displayed in the animation. We rendered all the animation assets on an Alienware gaming rig. The randomness of the speed camera was quite difficult, making it so that it every visitor would see it flash, but not making it seem like everyone was speeding!

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