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Owned by Knight Square, FirstPort is the UK’s premier property management company. With 40 years' experience and a team of 3,000 professionals, they work hard to deliver the highest standards of customer care for all types of property: from residential and luxury to retirement and rentals.

FirstPort Website Redesign

When working for Sagittarius I was involved with redeveloping the FirstPort website using Sitecore. The website was built using a Helix style approach using the usual best practices, IoC/DI, ORM et al. The system used a standard toolkit of controls which helps improve development speed through reuse. The website had some interesting results:

  • 2016 Sitecore Experience Award winning project for Omni-channel Automation: Realtime engagement
  • Visitors segmented based on behaviour; immediate drop in bounce rates and increase in both pages viewed and visit length
  • Customer self-help and use of forms has increased, calls to service team have decreased
  • Marketing automation nurtures customers via relevant information and personalised emails
  • Analytics monitored daily to rapidly respond to customer needs
  • Mobile use up 22%

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